Latest News (10/10/2017)

8.2 Aarufield sponsor and present at the 2017 Blade Inspection and Repair Conference in Brussels

8.2 Aarufield are taking a leading role in the annual Blade Inspection and Repair conference in Brussels, acting as an advisor to the agenda and sponsor of the event.  Andrew Bellamy is presenting at the conference, covering the complexities of contract risks and difficulties of enforcing blade contracts during and after warranty periods.

8.2 Aarufield Advising on Blade Maintenance Strategy

8.2 Aarufield have been appointed by one of the worlds leading developers to advise on blade maintenance strategy, and contracting for rotorblades.  This will include a review of existing and contracts in-negotiation.  Aarufield will also take a role of providing expertise to inspect and audit onshore and offshore repair teams during the maintenance season to ensure the strict quality standards are being met.