Offshore Wind

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When it comes to offshore projects, experience counts.  The offshore environment compounds any small issue into a major demand, usually with a very high cost associated.  8.2 Aarufield have worked on some of the most successful and profitable offshore wind projects, providing technical advisory services to developers, utilities and tiers in the supply chain.  In large offshore projects, even small gains in technical knowledge onshore can mean major savings later, so the 8.2 Aarufield team work closely with major developers during the planning, specification and contracting of projects to bring them an unparalleled depth of knowledge and experience.


The cost-efficiency of every wind turbine is based on the perfect operation of all technical elements. Therefore, the 8.2 Aarufield team of experts are able to perform all necessary inspections and measurements and bring market leading component, turbine and balance of plant knowledge in offshore wind projects.