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Progress monitoring

Normally, loan contracts for external capital and internal capital contain provisions under which the payout of the money is tied to a certain progress of the project. We make sure that the respective time limits are met and improve the quality of execution already at the construction phase. This makes us the ‘eye’ of the investor or bank on site in cooperation with the GC’s construction management.

Technical inspection after start-up

After construction and successful start-up of a solar park we inspect the building work as for compliance with the contract and the quality of execution. We also confirm that applicable norms, safety regulations and statutory requirements have been observed. A list of several hundred items describes the state of the system in detail and identifies all existing shortcomings. This is an important part of any system acceptance test.

Final acceptance process

We inspect your system for major defects and release the work for acceptance from the technical angle. Unless the final acceptance process is described in the EPC contract (which is recommended), the decision is based on many years of experience and on agreement with the client.


Thermographic check

The solar modules account for about half the value of the whole system. Therefore, if the modules have a serial defect, a large part of the investment may be at the risk of being lost. Internal module damage is not normally visible to the naked eye. A thermographic examination reliably reveals to the experienced technician different types of defect in a module and their effects on the performance of the system. We perform thermographic checks with a very high-resolution system and by trained and experienced personnel.


BGV-A3 safety check

In a legal context, a solar park is an electrical operating area / plant and as such it is subject to the statutory requirements of operational reliability. The BGV-A3 regulations of the employers’ mutual liability insurance association lay down the requirements of the safety check and the required qualifications. Besides, repeat checks are prescribed by law. Normally, solar systems are checked under BGV-A3 in four-yearly intervals.

We assess the system design of your solar park, check the start-up documentation and perform the equipment safety check required according to BGV-A3.

Damage report

Damage to your solar park can quickly result in loss of revenue and substantial repairs. We provide an independent root cause analysis and assist in negotiations and the fixing, implementation and verification of necessary action.

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Mobile PV-LaboratoryIn collaboration with our partner PV Lab we offer the mobile PV test laboratory.
With this laboratory, we can carry out high-tech measurements on solar modules directly at your PV array, your construction site or on receipt of modules. We can take measurements and detect unnoticed damage before the system is connected to the grid or during system maintenance.